Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

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Bed Bugs have infested most of Ohio and surrounding states. Once thought a "southern states" problem, now bed bugs are a significant problem all over the country.

If bed bugs have found their way into your home, you know what a difficult problem this can be. Bed bugs feed off warm-blooded animals and perhaps one of their favorites is YOU!

Eliminate Your Bed Bugs, SAFELY & CHEAPLY


Reduce Costs

An exterminator for bed bugs can run up charges in the thousands! We rent the equipment you'll need along with the safest, most effective bed bug killer you can buy! Follow our proven bed bug killer process and you'll be free of bed bugs in no time, safely and effectively. 

Proven Results

Follow our proven process. Bed bugs are persistent and stealthy critters. Your attack must be thorough and aggressive. Clients following our proven guidelines are able to completely eliminate their bed bugs infestation. 

DIY Approach

Given the persistence of bed bugs, a Do-it-yourself approach is recommended. This allows you the luxury of applications over several days, making sure you've attacked 100% of the bed bug hiding places. 



4 Steps to Eliminating Bed Bugs

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